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CEO DATELINE – Wellness Tourism Association launched

Feb. 6, 2018
By Walt Williams

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A new association has formed to promote the wellness travel and vacation industry.

One of the first goals of the Wellness Travel Association will be to develop an industry-approved set of definitions of what constitutes wellness tourism and wellness travel, Andrew Gibson, chairman of WTA’s board of director’s, said in a statement. It will then seek to increase public awareness of the industry while providing networking opportunities for those in it.

“Wellness tourism is not a new industry,” Gibson said. “People have traveled both nationally and internationally with health or wellness the primary focus since the time of the Roman Baths.  In more recent times, the typical wellness vacation, retreat or holiday might consist of an all-inclusive package with accommodation, healthy meals and fitness or other wellness-related activities.”

The new nonprofit is based in Denver and lists no staff on its website. WTA’s founding board consists of five members, all executives and business owners in the wellness tourism industry.

Membership fees for WTA range $300 for individual practitioners to $2,000 for resorts, hotels and other tourism organizations.