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Word of mouth drives hiring at many small associations

Despite venues for focused advertising, executives find building good staff sometimes comes down to who you know, not where you post. “The association world, particularly the energy association world, is relatively small so word gets out that other people are looking,” National Ocean Industries Association Randall Luthi said. Association CEOs explain how they choose job candidates among a flood of applicants.

Ask the recruiter: In interview, what do I ‘ask the recruiter?’

Recruiters say job candidates should do their homework and come prepared to an interview. Research is vital, because posing thoughtful queries reflects positively on interviewees. But how many questions should candidates ask? And what types of questions are likely to receive positive responses? Two recruiters weigh in with their thoughts and recommendations.

How to find the best fit for career changers

Many Capitol Hill staffers and executive branch employees are thinking about transition, and new jobs, following the elections. The association world offers great rewards and opportunities, if not always the highest salaries. Whether career changers follow their hearts or follow the money, finding the best fit requires some intelligence about the different types of associations—trade groups, professional societies and public interest groups—and the corporate sector.


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