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Leaving responsibly but not foolishly

CEOs take risks by telling boards about job searches, which begs the question: Should a top executive announce he or she is looking for another job? According to experts and other CEOs, the answer is almost always no... unless circumstances dictate otherwise. “Until the deal is done, the deal isn’t done,” said Chris Jahn, president of The Fertilizer Institute. “It’s got to be signed, sealed and delivered—and then you share your future plans.”

Honesty, vision key when interviewing for CEO job

Executives say board members may not be as interested in your industry knowledge as much as plans to move group forward. “They were looking for my thoughts on what the roadmap to the organization’s success would be," said Craft & Hobby Association CEO Andrej Suskavcevic.

Has your career stalled? Experts offer tips for a jumpstart

Visibility, relevance and vision are all key points for executives concerned that they might be stagnating in their current job. At the very least, listen to your instincts if you feel your career is going nowhere, according to experts. "If you feel like your career is stalled, it’s probably stalled,” career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman said.


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