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Want a corner office? Start raising your visibility quotient

Hard work will get you noticed, but to land the big jobs in the association world, personal branding also critical for success. “As you are thinking about visibility, you have to ask yourself: What skills do I want to build? What do I want to be known for? And who do I need to meet to get what I want?” said Nancy Green of Association Strategies.

Successful jobseekers tell their stories

Five association executives tell CEO Update how they got their jobs and share advice for others seeking employment in the sector. "You want to go in [to an interview] prepared as best you can with the knowledge of the organization and what it’s trying to achieve and how... certainly if you know someone affiliated with the organization, that gives you a different layer of insight," said Lowell Aplebaum of the Society for Neuroscience.

Personality profiles help create teams

Groups benefit by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of staffers and candidates through psychometric assessment. “Since we started, our success rate has gone up dramatically in terms of finding qualified people who are good fits for the culture of the organization and for the kinds of jobs we’ve been hiring them to do,” said Marc Cadin of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting.


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