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Shhh! Quietly looking

Keeping job search hidden means networking, planning

June 13, 2014
By Walt Williams

Looking for a new job while you’re still employed can be a little like spying behind enemy lines while planning to defect—it is all about quietly making contacts, gathering intelligence and being careful in public.

An overly dramatic comparison? Probably. But in the relatively small association world, a little discretion goes a long way when spreading the word that you’re on the market.

"You have to be careful, “ said one association jobseeker. “People talk and forget you don’t want them to share that.”

Association employers shouldn’t get too upset to learn staffers or even the CEO may be looking to move on: Several surveys conducted in recent years have consistently found that a majority of employees across all industries say they are hunting for new opportunities.

But experts say it is a good idea to keep your job hunt under wraps to avoid complications in the workplace.

Among other things, it might create the impression you are not committed to your current organization even when that’s not the case.