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The rewards, risks and challenges of staying put in top posts

Sometimes the best career choice for executives is not to change jobs, but that decision must come after much soul searching

Jan. 9, 2015
By Walt Williams

Questions to consider

What should association executives ask themselves before deciding whether to stick around or move to a new job? Career coach Marshall Brown has five suggestions:

* Are you no longer goal-oriented at work?

* Does your relationship with co-workers or board members no longer matter to you?

* Are you making new contributions?

* Has the quality of your work declined?

* Do you no longer have anything to look forward to?

Executive leadership coach Jan Day Gravel adds several more questions:

* Who do I want to be as a leader?

* What do I want to achieve, why and how?

* What is it to live in alignment with my values?

* Where am I especially talented?

* What do people count on you for?

* What makes you get out of bed
every morning?