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Ask the Recruiter: Understanding finances, tech key to winning top jobs today

Associations want chief executives who can make every dollar count and are savvy about tech; strategic planning also important

Kaul and Pangburn
Pamela Kaul, left, and Wendy Pangburn

Oct. 6, 2017

Question: What are the trending skills that search committees are seeking and questions they are asking right now?

Wendy Pangburn
Pangburn International
I am hearing about two areas that are becoming increasingly important.

The first is financial acumen. Every revenue dollar coming into an association needs to be wisely spent. Anyone working for an association at a mid to senior level will have a touchpoint to a budget. Understanding the numbers, noticing changes (up or down), flagging overages, identifying ways to save, etc. are key to success in every job. Plus, you stand out as a candidate when you “get the numbers.”