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2020 Roundtable Summit


The CEO Update Roundtable is an exclusive, invitation-only peer group of CEOs who lead the most visible, influential and effective associations.

A key benefit of this new membership is an invitation to the Roundtable Summit, a one-day retreat where members gather to discuss their most pervasive leadership challenges, with structured sessions from leading experts on topics such as disruption, communication and digital strategy, managing complex organizations and leading change. Sessions are a mix of member-led discussions on association-specific issues as well as experts from outside the association community who can inspire with fresh ideas and new ways to think about your toughest problems. 

Members will come away from the Summit with new ideas on how to lead their organization, how to manage change coming to every association, and new ways to tackle stubborn problems.

The next Summit is on July 17, 2020, at the Wharf InterContinental in Washington, DC. In consultation with the steering committee made up of association CEOs, this year's programming includes sessions on:

How to harness technology in associations to build connections, enhance humanity
How to change anybody's mind
How to turn fear, risk and change into catalysts for growth 
How to enhance brand messaging

And we're going to do this with a world-renowned scientist, a researcher/author, a brain trainer (yes, that's a thing) and even a poet.

Dr. Poppy Crum (Neuroscientist, adjunct professor at Stanford University, and chief scientist at Dolby Labs); Trevor Moawad (Mental conditioning expert and adviser to elite athletes); Sekou Andrews ("the de facto poet laureate of corporate America"); Jonah Berger (Just completed extensive research on the hidden influences that shape behavior).


Join the Roundtable

The annual Roundtable membership fee is $2,500
(membership in the Roundtable is capped at 150 members).

If you are already a member of CEO Update, you may be entitled to a pro-rated discount on the membership fees. Please contact Mark Graham at 202-721-7652 or to see if you qualify