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Association CEOs share their greatest challenges, solutions

From finding good staff to proving value to members, the hurdles facing different groups reflect the complex realities they face

August 9, 2019
By Walt Williams

Hydroelectricity was once king among renewable energy sources but as more wind and solar power has come online, and the energy sector as a whole has evolved, the industry has struggled to find its place—and its trade association has struggled to help members adapt to new market realities.

“The largest challenge we face is the significant change or transition that’s occurring within our industry right now,” said Linda Church Ciocci, former CEO of the National Hydropower Association. “The electric industry as a whole has seen significant change and we are trying to promote hydropower as part of this.”

Church Ciocci was one of several CEOs recently contacted by CEO Update and asked a single question: What is the greatest challenge you face as an association leader in doing the best job possible for members, and how are you addressing it? (CEO Update spoke with Church Ciocci before she stepped down as CEO in July after leading NHA since 1991.)