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CEO DATELINE – Dairy association folds industry groups into central organization

Jan. 4, 2018
By Walt Williams

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The International Dairy Foods Association has consolidated three constituent organizations representing milk, cheese and ice cream under the IDFA brand—a change the group said will make it “more nimble, inclusive and effective” in representing all sectors of the dairy industry.

The Milk Industry Foundation, the National Cheese Institute and the International Ice Cream Association dissolved Jan. 1, IDFA said in a statement. As a result, the association now operates under one set of bylaws and financial reporting requirements, as well as a single budget. The new Executive Council will hold its first meeting in Orlando at the Dairy Forum, Jan. 20-23.

“Under this new structure, IDFA will be more nimble, inclusive and effective in representing the interests of all segments of the dairy processing industry,” IDFA CEO Michael Dykes. “This foundation will allow us to enhance our legislative, regulatory and communication efforts and increase the return on investment for our members.”

Before the change, IDFA was an umbrella group composed of the three organizations. Each product category will still have its own representation within the association as the group plans to create five Industry Segment Boards later this year for fluid milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and cultured products. The chair and vice-chair of each board have already been chosen.