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2019 Roundtable Summit Agenda


The annual Roundtable Summit, held his year on April 11, 2019 at the newly renovated Watergate Hotel, is a unique educational and networking event that brings together association CEOs and corporate thought-leaders in business, media and technology to address the toughest problems facing the industry of associations.

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In addition to member-led sessions, the Roundtable is hosting experts in branding, politics and technology to lead interactive discussions.  

Woodward and Bernstein

State of American Politics
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post investigative reporters, journalists and best-selling authors.
From the changing face of Congress and a growing field of contenders for the 2020 presidential election to the palace intrigue of the Trump White House, the political climate in Washington has never been hotter. Against this backdrop, Woodward and Bernstein will share their unparalleled perspective on the political ethos of Washington.

The Long Tales: How to Define your Content Center of Excellence
Mitch Joel is founder of Six Pixels Group, an advisory, investing and content producing company focused on brands, commerce, community and what's next
First ads, now content. What does your association need to know? Most brands and individuals fail at content marketing to build their thought leadership and engagement because they are chasing content formats that don’t fit their brand experience. A content center of excellence can allow associations to be more focused with an eye toward growth, better member experiences, and really getting ideas to spread among members, policy makers and other constituents.

Pauline BrownOptimizing Associations for a Modern Audience
Pauline Brown, former chairman of North America for LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
Brown will lead a discussion on why the Aesthetic Imperative—how organizations are viewed from the outside—is critical not just for luxury goods. Brown will explore how to measure and evaluate what’s “cool” and how to optimize your association to a modern audience.

Optional Sessions

Dustin GarisChange Leadership: Be a Troublemaker
Dustin Garris, chief troublemaker at Ericcson.
Changing the world begins with changing the way people experience the world, both members and employees. But this isn’t easy—it takes change leadership from those willing to be troublemakers and stretch the organizational comfort zones. Garris will share the unexpected best practices of corporate troublemakers behind breakthrough market innovations (from Virgin to Southwest Airlines). They don’t just adapt to changes, they lead the change.

Sam RadocchiaWhat Blockchain is Going to do for Associations
Sam Radocchia is a blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Chronicled.
Radocchia takes the complex issue of blockchain and breaks it down into several digestible and understandable pieces, exploring what our current global operating system is lacking, how blockchain fixes those gaps, how it works and the opportunities it presents.

Not a member of the CEO Roundtable?  Invitations are open to qualifying CEOs. Membership prerequisites:  In order to create a group of true peers, those who have a similar background and similar set of challenges, membership is limited to chief executives of national or international focused associations.  For inclusion in our midsize Roundtable peer group, annual association revenue must fall between $5 million and $20 million.  For inclusion in the peer group for CEO running large associations, revenue is over $20 million.  In the large association trade group, an exception is made for CEOs who lead organizations who have advocacy expenses greater than $1M.  Data is verified through the organization's annual IRS 990 filings. 

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