Associations find a world of ways to profit overseas

Groups must deliver value, according to experts. “Being global just for the sake of being global is a very expensive exercise,” Peter Rush of Kellen Co. warned. “The reality is you may get a lot of new members but you’re not going to make much money. If you’re going to India, China or Brazil, if you break even on your investment, then you’re doing very well.”

Co-op chief stays ‘connected’ domestically, internationally

National Cooperative Business Association CEO Mike Beall balances trade group enterprise and advocacy with NGO assistance. "For me, that’s the real fun," he said. "It’s hard work, but there’s a lot of fun to what goes on here. And I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t really love it."

Baker returns to CTIA to take top job

Former FCC commissioner has long career in telecommunications industry. She will take over the top job June 2, replacing Steve Largent, who is retiring after leading the group since 2003. “I plan to bring new ideas and new initiatives to the association that will take it from good to great,” she said.

Humphrey looks for essential traits in prospective CEOs

Be passionate about what you do, check your ego and articulate a clear approach to challenges, veteran consultant advises. "Any time people can take their egos and check them, it speaks a lot toward leadership and building a team and building a group and moving something forward."