Chavern’s goal: Sway skeptical tech community

Former U.S. Chamber of Commerce COO is on a new mission to win over the high-tech companies that have so far kept their distance from the business group. “These folks are in the business of being disruptive—disrupting incumbent players and industries—in that regard we are probably seen as an establishment player,” he said.

Coming soon! Association Newsmakers with David Rehr

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For veteran association CEO, a ‘constant learning journey’

Fresh off her term as chair of ASAE, Arlene Pietranton, the head of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, says she isn’t used to taking the safe route: “The opportunities we choose to pursue, the challenges we need to deal with—that’s part of how I stay engaged.”

CEOs say a nimble culture trumps spotting next trend

At Committee of 100, three dozen association leaders meet separately to look ahead; their conclusion—accelerating change makes forecasts less useful. “Everybody had something to say. It was a tall order,” Association for Corporate Growth CEO Gary LaBranche said.