Certification: Be alert for conflicts of interest

The rift between the Society for Human Resource Management and its longtime certification partner goes to the heart of a critical but sometimes perplexing issue for many associations: How to avoid conflicts of interest in certification programs—particularly when lots of money is involved. Can certification be handled in-house, or is a separate organization needed? “Bottom line, there are quality certifying bodies that are accredited, that work under both models,” said credentialing consultant Mickie Rops.

Choosing the wrong spot could kill your trade show

In a new survey, attendees list ‘inconvenient location’ as top reason they skip meetings, although experts warn the picture is more complicated. Still, many groups are taking a hard look at where they hold their trade shows and other events, knowing that the venue could be the deal breaker for their audience.

Morgan moves from investment to membership clubs

National Investor Relations Institute CEO Jeff Morgan to head Club Managers Association of America. He replaces James Singerling, who has led CMAA for 24 years. “It is a delicate walk appreciating the past and honoring the past but setting the tone for the future,” Morgan said.