Who's afraid of the big bad AMC?

Some executives may think turning to an association management company could mean they'll soon be out of a job, but there are plenty of examples of AMCs taking on administrative functions while the CEO stays in place. “AMCs in the past have been threatening to smaller organization CEOs. They’ve felt that maybe they would lose their job," said John Dee, COO and CFO of Chicago-based Bostrom. “In the last 10 years we’re seeing a lot more openness to see the AMC as a partner.”

Hundreds of peers recognize Donohue, Graham, Josten

U.S. Chamber of Commerce and ASAE chiefs, along with Chamber's top lobbyist, accepted CEO Update's 2014 Association Leadership Awards. Some 450 executives and their guests gathered at JW Marriott hotel on Oct. 14 to honor award recipients.